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So happy, I could die: As much as I love what StarKid does...

Agree. I think Darren is fantastic and the whole team is tremendously talented, but the lines at LeakyCon were a huge turn-off for me, as were the gaggles of fans that were clearly only there because they thought Darren was “sooo hot” or whatever and not for anything remotely Potter-related. And just generally the principle of the thing. Charging for photos and autographs is just not down with me.


I find it completely appalling that they are charging about $75 for autographs on their new tour, and $143 for photos included.

I’m glad that they’ve gotten so many fans, but I’m not happy that they would exploit their fanbase in a way that most A-list celebrities wouldn’t even do. It hurts me to…

“It’s been the most amazing, inspirational, surreal, bizarre, wonderful 10 years that I will probably ever have in all my life.” - Daniel Radcliffe

“Thank you to Rupert for making me laugh, you’ve been such a great brother. And thank you to Dan, same thing. I will miss you so much.” - Emma Watson

“This really has been such an important part of my life. I really wanna thank all of you, these past 10 years have been the best half of my life. And I’m just so pleased I’ve shared it with you two, I love you, I really do.” - Rupert Grint

Harry Potter 30-Day Challenge - Day 6

What house would you want to be in?

This is a tough question. I’ve identified with Gryffindor for a long time because every time I took an online quiz, that’s what I was sorted into. However I’ve never really considered myself particularly brave.

I sometimes wish I was Ravenclaw because I see so much value in being wise, clever and logical/analytical. My husband is a total Ravenclaw, except for the fact that he is hopelessly Muggle.

I think REALLY, TRULY deep down, I’m a Hufflepuff. And I think it’s because I’m a “bleeding heart” … I want everyone to be accepted and treated as equals, and I value those that are hardworking and earnest MORE than those that are successful, brilliant and talented.

And I think it’s really cool to be a Hufflepuff, thanks to people in the fandom like Sue Upton (former co-host of Pottercast). There’s also a bit of mystery to it. It’s the house we know the least about from the books, we’ve never visited it’s common room, and we don’t know that much about any of the members of Hufflepuff house.

I’m looking forward to being re-sorted when Pottermore releases in October … I would like to see what a test designed by JK Rowling herself decides for me!


I think a lot of people miss the fact that Ron IS clever and that Hermione is NOT always right. Hermione is exceptionally intelligent of course, but her knowledge is mostly based on being able to remember and process a lot of written information. Ron’s views are mostly based on real life observations. Both sources have their limitations (Compare their attitudes to S.P.E.W; Hermione sees a principle (slavery) that is wrong and wants to correct it, Ron sees the actual behaviour and preferences of the house elfs and doesn’t see the need for change. Neither of them is completely wrong).

Hermione draws the right conclusion about the problems they’re facing most of the time, but she doesn’t necessarily know when to stop pointing that out. This is where Ron’s strength comes in. He’s intuitive (something Hermione is NOT) and knows when to just let things be rather than harping on about what should have been or ought to be like Hermione. I think that, as the two get older, this means that they will balance each other very nicely.

I also think that while Ron isn’t as verbal as Hermione, or as good at make sense of difficult reading material, he has no problem understanding her. The fact that he, in his blunt way, doesn’t accept what she says on face value doesn’t mean he’s dumb!

poster Karin from Melissa Anelli’s Harry A History website


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